Will you have sex with me?

What if I pay you?
No. I never have and never will 'escort.' Anything you may have seen or read anywhere else is completely inaccurate information. If you want an escort/hooker, go here.

Did you build this site yourself or am I really paying/talking to some creepy guy?
Yes, I did. I've been doing web design since I was 13 years old and decided that paying some 'schmo to do it for me was an atrocious idea. You can also rest assured that I am the one, who responds to all emails personally.

Name five positive and negative things about yourself.
Positive: passionate, intense, ambitious, funny, multi-talented
Negative: violent impulses, vindictive, destructive, unforgiving, cold

Five things you CAN'T live without
Music, sex, pizza, my 2 dogs, and all 5 of my computers (that counts as one, right?)

Five things you CAN live without
Television, men, pop music boy bands, and Lady GaGa

What is your biggest weakness?
Sex and dark chocolate (and I mean the kind you eat). Mmmhmm yeah

Do your family know of what you do?
My entire family are aware of what I do, and they are supportive. Doing what I do does not change the person that I am, and I have been reminded by my own grandmother that it won't change their love for me. They have full understanding of what makes me happy and know that I am safe despite the stereotypes of our industry.

Are they supportive because you can give them money?
Absolutely not. And not that it's anyone's business, they don't need my money nor do they ask.

Random things about me

I am a dark chocoholic

I am a computer addict

I LOVE slapstick comedy...people getting hurt amuses me

At the same time, I am NOT easily amused...what people find funny, I don't

Ironically, I am funny, when I don't mean to be

I have trouble finishing things that I start

I think sleep is overrated...sleep is a waste of time

I am addicted to black eyeliner

I drink water everyday and hate soda

I really, really love pizza

I love Java Chip Frappuccinos

I have been tinkering with computers, since I was 9 years old

I HATE milk (prefer soy, rice, or almond)

I stopped eating meat, switching to a Vegan diet on April 10, 2008

I hate talking on the telephone

I'd rather play video games than watch TV

If I watch TV, my only enjoyment are Forensic Files, Cold Case Files and the History Channel

I am an activist with many issues

97% of my friends are all men

Most of them are gay, and they are the ones I trust most

I support the rights of homosexuals/bisexuals, animals, women, and much more

Astrology, Tarot, and the Unknown interest me

I am a rebel...without a cause

I believe in witches, ghouls, and ghosts -- have you ever been to the Philippines?

I am a very sentimental person. Pictures, conversation logs, journals, and items that bring memories are all extremely important to me, and if I ever lose any, it will make me sad

Current Goals: To retire outside the U.S.

I see myself as: Sexual. Idealistic. Bitter. Faintly amused. Open-minded. Intelligent. Hopeful. Confident. Trusting. Romantic. Insane. Passionate.

Others often perceive me as: Sexual. Opinionated. Idealistic. Insane. Funny. Stubbourn. Intelligent. Talented. Fearless. Open-minded. Argumentative. Passionate.

What I need is...
Love, art, spoken word/poetry, acting, singing, family, freedom and control, culture, butterflies and flowers, music, candles, conversation, friends, a day at the movies alone, the circus, more knowledge, Shakespeare, mind over matter, shoes, xtreme sports, the 20's, the 40's, the 50's, the 80's, lollipops, milkshakes, Batman, the cha-cha, dancing, sleep, my rollerblades and my skateboard, and integrity.

I can't stand...
Racists, homophobes, superficiality, religious zealots, CLOSE-MINDED people, ignorance, drama, stupid people, stupidity in general, abusive men (and women), neglectful parents, elitism, prejudice/discrimination, and being JUDGED.

People hate that...
No one can ever win an argument with me. I will argue until I prove a point, and if I need to, I will find a loophole for every argument!